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Alex Krycek was placed undercover as an FBI agent partnered with Mulder in 1994 following the temporary dissolution of The X-Files. His cover was compromised following his unsanctioned killing of a civilian tram-operator and his unsuccessful attempt on Mulder's life during the Duane Barry case.

Still finding him useful despite his intemperate nature and questionable skills, the Syndicate had Krycek terminate Mulder's presumed father, William Mulder — an original member of the Syndicate project who had had resigned because of moral objections, and, though silent for years, had posed an increasing risk of public exposure. Krycek and an associate bungled the Syndicate's ill-advised termination order on Scully, resulting in the friendly fire death of Scully's sister, Melissa. In response, Syndicate enforcer C.G.B. Spender a.k.a. "Cigarette-Smoking Man" himself attempted to terminate the problematic Krycek. In a rare misstep, his lack of success simply increased Krycek's volatility and unpredictability.

Having stolen a DAT containing the classified "MJ Files" (containing the Syndicate's alien-collaboration background and all related research), Krycek briefly sold file secrets before having his body hosted by one of the colonizing "oil" aliens. He eventually became a mercenary for whatever side was most opportune at any given moment, turning up in the Siberian Tunguska wilderness in the Russians' own version of the Syndicate project (where he lost his arm, which later was replaced by a prosthetic limb). Upon his return to the United States, Krycek even aided Mulder, against the latter's wishes, after being captured by and later escaping from the Syndicate.

After years of rogue involvement in all these events, Krycek eventually attempted to kill a by-then wheelchair-bound Cigarette-Smoking Man by pushing him down a flight of stairs. Krycek ultimately injected FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner — Mulder and Scully's immediate superior — with nanotechnology that regulated Skinner's health. Krycek pushed Skinner to the brink of death before reversing the process at the last moment, ensuring control of Skinner's actions until subsequent events interceded. - Taken from SciFi.com


  • Sleepless (2x04)
  • Duane Barry (2x05)
  • Ascension (2x06)
  • Anasazi (2x25)
  • The Blessing Way (3x01)
  • Paper Clip (3x02)
  • Piper Maru (3x15)
  • Apocrypha (3x16)
  • Tunguska (4x09)
  • Terma (4x10)
  • Patient X (5x13)
  • The Red and the Black (5x14)
  • The End (5x20)
  • S.R. 819 (6x09)
  • Two Fathers (6x11)
  • One Son (6x12)
  • Biogenesis (6x22)
  • The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati (7x02)
  • Requiem (7x22)
  • Deadalive (8x15)
  • Essence (8x20)
  • Existence (8x21)
  • The Truth (9x19/20)


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